Intern Program

Our Intern Program is designed to help those in the church who have a desire to minister in full time, career ministry. Those in this program will be trained in Biblical Theology, practical church ministry and character development. This is an aggressive three year program. If you are interested in this, please contact Pastor Steve ( ). The program uses some curriculum from BILD International.


Peace with God?

Are you looking for the answers to the real questions of life and eternity, this will get you started.

Bible Study links

There are good tools that you can use to study the Bible. These will help you find passages, have commentaries on passages and help you to study God's truths.

Crosswalk -
Bible Gateway -
Gospelcom -


The choices we make in life have a great influence on the rest of life. What choices will you make? Will you let your emotions control or will you let truth be your guide?

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