Steve DeKok

Steve DeKok, Pastor

Having grown up on a farm near Stewartville, Minnesota, God in His great wisdom saw fit to call this young boy to serve Him. I went on to college and seminary and then began to pastor a church in 1979. After serving for more the 15 years, God directed us to move to a suburb of Detroit. After pastoring there for more than 13 years God brought us back to Minnesota. It is great to be in the rural setting again.

I was married to Amy in 1972. We have 4 children who are grown and living in Illinois and Michigan. Two daughters are married and we have three grandchildren. So I am married to a grandmother.

At the age of 10, I went through a crisis in my life where my Sunday School teacher was killed suddenly in a small plane crash. I realized the suddenness of life and death. It was on that Sunday that confessed my sins and invited Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior.

My passion is to help people who are struggling in life. I love to see people come to know Jesus Christ and serve Him.

Over the years, I have developed a motto for my life and ministry. People Our Priority and The Bible Our Foundation. I also believe that Ephesians 4:11-16 is my job description as the pastor of this great church.

An interesting fact is that my mother grew up in Jackson. When she was married over 60 years ago, she moved away. We never realized that God would ask us to come, live and serve here.

Thor Kurtz

Thor Kurtz

My walk with the Lord started at the age of 10 when I entered into a personal, loving relationship with Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. As I grew in His word throughout high school, it wasn't until I had experienced a life changing moment during my 20's that caused me to set my complete focus on how God was calling me to serve. As my walk grew closer with God he began to reveal his desires for my life, leading me to serve and lead in multiple roles at church. During this time, I met my wife Hannah and together we began to pray about how God would use us to grow his Kingdom. In the first year of our marriage I enrolled and was accepted into Crown College and began my degree in Psychology/Counseling with a minor in Christian Studies. A few short months later with much prayer, Hannah enrolled and was accepted into Crown in pursuit of a Masters in Christian Studies. In this moment in life we did not know where God would call us in the future, but knew this is where he was calling us to grow and prepare. As I completed my degree in July 2017, we began to pray and ask God where he wanted us to serve. It was during that time we saw God work in miraculous ways, responding with a call for us to serve at First Baptist Church in Jackson, Minnesota.

On April 21st, 2012 I was married to my wife Hannah and we have been blessed with three beautiful daughters.

My desire is to meet people where they are at in life and show them the love of Christ through caring and providing a listening ear. Moreover, my prayer is for all people to experience the freedom I have experienced in Christ only through a loving, personal relationship with Him.

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