Sheldon Jackson Outreach Center

The Sheldon Jackson Outreach Center is home to Jars of Clay Youth Ministry.   It is also the home of a number of other ministries that are part of First Baptist Church and also other services provided to the community.  Located at 603 4th St in Jackson (directly behind Casey’s General Store), it is conveniently located close to downtown.

The Ministries we Host at the SJOC:

Jars of Clay Youth Ministry
Celebrate Recovery
Alcoholics Anonymous
United Community Action Early Head Start
Women’s Bible Study
BIO Girls
and more…

The Story of The Sheldon Jackson Outreach Center:

The SJOC was formed out of a vision for a youth and outreach center to provide a place of ministry and interaction with the youth of our community.  Thor Kurtz, a previous Youth and Family Pastor at the First Baptist Church, was burdened by the need for a place that community youth could hang out, be served, and hear about the Good News of Jesus.  In looking for a location, we were informed of the available space at the First Presbyterian Church Education Building.  Upon further investigation, it was agreed the building would provide for this need.  Around this same time the First Presbyterian Church made the decision to dissolve their congregation and were overjoyed to enable Gospel centered ministry to continue on the campus.  Arrangements were made and the building was passed on to First Baptist Church with the name “Sheldon Jackson Outreach Center” in recognition of Sheldon Jackson, the founding church planter who established the first church in Jackson, MN, along with over 60 more across the northern midwest and western states before expanding his work to Alaska.